Five Ideas for the Ultimate Warm Weather Garden Party

Summer_EntertainmentNow that the worst of the winter weather has been and gone, it is time to start thinking ahead to those gorgeous warm and sunny days we get throughout spring and summer. Days like these are just calling out for a few festivities, and there isn’t really a better place to do it than in your own garden.

It can be wonderfully fun to invite your friends and family around for a gathering of sorts, but first you will need to figure out what you are going to do as a group. There are many different ideas, so why don’t you mull over these five suggestions for the ultimate garden party? It will help you to create a shortlist of options…

For the kids: teddy bears’ picnic

If you will be hosting a riot of little ones, make sure you plan something that will hold their attention. One idea that always goes down well with younger children is a teddy bears’ picnic – and parents love it because it looks super sweet in a photo album. One of these events is relatively easy to plan, just make sure you have some blankets, a choice of sandwich triangles, a few crisps, and some orange squash which will be poured from a teapot.

For the family: bouncy castle and barbecue afternoon

Many people would agree that the best way to spend a warm summer’s day is to have a barbecue, so why don’t you plan a family event around this? To keep the kids amused, you could consider hiring a bouncy castle for the afternoon – you could always split the cost amongst those who are attending. Don’t be surprised if a few of the adults end up on the bouncy castle before the day is through…

For the neighbours: bake-off afternoon tea

Get to know your neighbours a bit better by challenging them to a bake-off. You will be able to see who can make the best Victoria sponge or lemon drizzle cake. How about you serve all of the goodies up over an outdoor afternoon tea? The whole neighbourhood could come together for a slice of the festivities.

For the women: hot tub and champagne evening

Mums and stressed business women alike will appreciate a night soaking in a hot tub, and it can really only be made better with some perfectly chilled champagne. You will be able to shop online for all of the products you need to get your hot tub into tip top condition, so make sure to do this well ahead of time.

For the men: beer and sports night

It is only fair that the men get their fair share of the fun, so how about a beer and sports night? It is fairly easy to organise the delivery of a keg, just do a quick search on a search engine to find out who operates in your area. In terms of the sport, you will simply need a subscription to a satellite service, or wait for a big game to be shown on a terrestrial channel.

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