4 Destinations For The Great American Lake Trip

Paddle boarding across the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe. Watching the sun set between the red cliff canyons of Lake Powell. Setting sail from the Lake Michigan marina into open waters. A lake getaway is full of adventure, and the following four lakes offer plenty of beautiful things to see and fun things to do.

Lake Michigan Beaches & Towns

Along the west Michigan lakeshore you can find more than 3,200 miles of sandy beaches and picturesque beach towns. From the Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Hart down to the Whirlpool Centennial fountain in St. Joseph, the Lake Michigan coastline is a spectacular destination that attracts beach bums, boating fanatics and aquatic adventurers. Thrill seekers can explore the stunning sand dunes by hiking or driving an off-roading vehicle. The beach town of Holland also offers a charming lakefront downtown and the world’s largest musical fountain. Meanwhile, boating enthusiasts can experience a beautiful summer day on South Haven waters.

Photo by Daniel Marchese via Flickr

Visit Boaterexam.com for more information on safe and certified Lake Michigan boating and Beachtowns.org to learn more about its idyllic beaches.

Lake Powell’s Playground

A Colorado River reservoir between Utah and Arizona, Lake Powell is a gorgeous aquatic playground and vacation hot spot. Lake Powell’s nearly 2,000 miles of shoreline is like the natural Vegas strip. Escape dry lands and rent a houseboat for a private summer vacation and boating excursion near the awe-inspiring Rock Creek, Clear Creek and Anasazi Canyons. After a carefree day of sun bathing on a luxury yacht, fishing for rainbow trout or hiking along the Dam Overlook, you can sip on a Corona while watching a breathtaking sunset.

Photo by USFWS Mountain Prairie via Flickr

Plan your Lake Powell getaway and find more information by visiting Lakepowell.com.

Lake Tahoe Natural Amenities

Lake Tahoe is an outdoor adventurist’s alpine paradise between California and Nevada. From the north shore to the south shore, Lake Tahoe offers epic season-round land and water adventures. Skiers and snowboarders can experience the excitement of dropping down the steep vertical trails of north Lake Tahoe’s pristine snow-capped mountains. Avid skiers can also practice their water skiing skills on south Lake Tahoe or even try wakeboarding, standup paddle boarding or kayaking. Whether you’re boating around Lakeside Marina or fishing for mackinaw trout, Lake Tahoe is the place to see and be seen.

Photo by Michael via Wikimedia Commons

Find details about visiting Lake Tahoe by visiting the official Lake Tahoe visitor site, Visitinglaketahoe.com. Gotahoenorth.com has everything you need to know about shredding snow, and Tahoesouth.com is your destination for planning even more wild Tahoe vacations.

Walden Pond & Literary Fame

Located in Concord, Mass., Walden Pond is famous for being the home of legendary writer Henry David Thoreau. From the summer of 1845 until fall of 1847, Thoreau lived in Ralph Waldo Emerson’s cabin and wrote about his two-year experience in “Walden (Or Life in the Woods).” Thoreau’s “Walden” spread awareness for the natural environment, thus designating the pond as a National Historic Landmark that began the conservation movement. The pond welcomes visitors to experience the renowned locale that once served as inspiration for one of the greatest American authors. From canoeing and fishing to hiking and picnicking, Walden Pond State Reservation offers a plethora of recreational activities.

Photo by timhettler via Flickr

Check out Mass.gov for guidance on how to plan your next trip to Walden Pond.

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