App Overview: Pay As You Track

Pay As You Track - Telematics

Pay As You Track is a new telematics app designed for SME’s to track their fleets in real-time. Designed for tradesmen, Van drivers, mechanics and salespeople, Pay As You Track (PAYT) offers a low cost telematics service starting at just 25p per day.

How much time do you spend working your way through mileage expense forms? Or how many hours in a day do you spend on the phone to your fleet, checking where they are? Also, are you aware of how safe your fleet are whilst on the roads?

The software offers in depth reports for business owners to view their fleet’s journeys, both in real time and past drives, easily view any mileage expenses and observe driver’s speed and behaviour. Additionally, you can monitor whether your fleet is stationary or not by the use of the green or red location markers. These markers determine how long your driver has been in their position by the hour, be that parked or on the move meaning you can keep a close eye on their working hours.

With the use of location markers, you can also assign relevant jobs to those who are nearby in just one short phone call. It is highly efficient vehicle tracking software.

How does it work?
Each of your drivers will download their free Pay As You Track app from any of the following app stores – Google Play, Apple or Windows. You then track your fleet via your own device, be that a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Your drivers won’t even be aware of the app, as it runs silently in the background of their mobile device. PAYT accounts are only debited when a vehicle makes a journey over 15 minutes travel time. As we previously mentioned, the cost for one whole day, per vehicle is 25p.

Each new Pay As You Track user will gain a £10 free credit straight away on sign up, so just set up your account and you’re ready to track!

Pay As You Track - Vehicle Tracking

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