What is Power Flushing?

power_flushingIf you are noticing that your radiators are taking longer to heat up or that your heating system is getting nosier it may be time to consider having your system power flushed. Usually when you find that some radiators are taking longer to heat up than others and notice that it takes longer for rooms to get warm the underlying issue is sludge building up in your heating pipes.

Power flushing is a way of driving the sludge and debris out of the pipes and radiators. This leaves them clean and clear allowing the heated water needed to heat your radiators to once again flow quickly and freely.

Why sludge builds up in a heating system

This build up of debris occurs because the water that enters your house contains trace elements and minerals. When the water is heated, a chemical reaction occurs and some of these minerals are separated from the water. Those separated minerals stick to the inside of your pipes and, over the years, build up, blocking the pipe. It is similar to the way in which limescale builds up in a kettle.

Water cannot flow efficiently through partially blocked pipes, so it takes longer for your radiators to heat up and puts unnecessary strain on your boiler. Eventually, the pipes block completely rendering your heating system useless. Flushing the system clears the debris before it gets too bad and you end up having to replace the pipes or radiators.

How heating flushing works

The way flushing works is simple. First, you need to find a professional to carry out the work. They will start by checking your system to determine whether your system is suitable for flushing and whether it is actually necessary.

Once they have established that they can do the work and that your heating system will benefit from a power flush they will give you a quote. If you are happy, they will drain your heating system and refill it with specialist chemicals.

These chemicals interact with and loosen any build up of rust, limescale and other minerals in the pipes. Once the chemicals have done their work, a specialist pump is attached to your heating system. This pump pushes fresh water through the pipes at a low pressure, but at a high velocity.

The gentle force of the water picks up the debris and carries it out of the radiators and pipes. Once the water runs clear, the system is drained again and the pipe to which the machine is attached is reconnected to the heating system. The entire system is then refilled with fresh water and tested to ensure that all of the radiators heat up quickly and efficiently and that there are no leaks.

Always employ a professional power flushing team

This specialist task needs to be done with up to date and efficient equipment. Not using a professional could lead to damage being done to the pipes of your heating system or to your boiler being damaged during the cleaning process.

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