5 Tips for a Stress Free Moving Experience

abode-987096_640Moving house can be an exciting time, yet it can often be filled with stress and dread. With so much to organize, pack and prepare, it’s a challenge to not get caught in the downsides rather than the positives involved in experiencing a fresh start. The following 5 tips will help make moving a stress free experience.

1.Buy moving supplies from a professional

It’s infinitely easier to use the services of a professional moving supplier rather than running all over town trying to find boxes and other packing supplies. There are many such companies that can easily be found with a quick search of the web and the advantages are numerous; just ask the online estate agent – Emoov.

Moving suppliers provide sturdy boxes of varying sizes along with tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, labels, markers and protective coverings for sofas and mattresses. Everything required can be found under the one roof and many services will also deliver the supplies right to your door. Most suppliers also offer custom sized moving kits that contain the perfect amount of materials one needs to pack all the contents of a small, medium or larger home.

2. Cull your belongings

Moving house is a great time to cull belongings that are no longer needed or won’t suit the new home. Take the opportunity to throw out, sell or give away old clothes, children’s toys, books, magazines, furniture and anything else that doesn’t make the short list of beloved possessions. Having a yard sale serves the dual purpose of lightening your moving load as well as bringing in some extra funds to help pay the removalist when it’s time to move.

3. Start Packing Early

Packing an entire house full of belongings always seems to take much longer than anticipated. This is often the greatest source of stress with a move so play it smart and start packing early. Take a thorough inventory of everything needing to be packed, especially those things that hardly ever get used and won’t be missed for a few weeks and pack them first. Another great strategy is to make a pact that once something has been packed away in a box it must not be unpacked again until it arrives at the new destination.

4. Label Everything Well

Be sure to label all the boxes meticulously so that the movers can place them in the right rooms on moving day. This also helps to avoid having to rummage through numerous boxes to find specific items when unpacking at the other end. Some people make itemized lists to tape to side of the box to make unpacking even easier.

5. Choose an Excellent Removalist

Be sure to use the services of a removalist that comes highly recommended and has excellent insurance policies. A lifetime of memories and precious possessions are not something to be trusted to the hands of amateurs.

By implementing the previous tips you can rest assured that your next moving experience will flow smoothly and be a joy rather than unnecessarily stressful.

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