About ME

Welcome to Midnight Eden and thanks for dropping by.

I started this blog because I wanted to draw together the areas of mind, body, heart and of course the little luxuries that make us smile, such as books, handbags, fashion, movies, fitness oh yeah and handbags. Maybe just a little bit of my personal obsession crept in there 😉

I like lots of things that are beautiful, that are fun and above all I love those interests that enrich my life. Many of these things don’t even have to cost a lot or are entirely free….of course some of life’s little luxuries do cost something , but hey no pain, no gain.

In the blog I like to feature areas such as books, movies and self-esteem (mind), yoga, healthy eating and fitness (body) and stress-free living, relaxation and meditation (heart). There will be information on all these and more, interviews with designers and authors, reviews of books, features on other gorgeous websites, showcases of fashion I have found around the net, giveaways, competitions and much more. If you have something you would like to see featured, or you would like to write for the blog then please check out my Guest Post page.

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My long term aim is to make Midnight Eden a community of like minded people, where we can share what we love, discuss new ideas and above all enjoy our time feeling fit, calm and well read, oh and with a damned nice handbag on our arms!


Alison Wood