Fast Facts About Alopecia Areata

The basics about hair loss Alopecia areata usually affects the hair on the scalp of the head and occurs in a particular pattern – small patches that can eventually connect making a large area of the head bald. Men and women can both experience this type of hair loss One possible cause for alopecia areata {Read More…}

Evolution of the Corset

In recent years corsets have made a resurgence back into mainstream fashion , with celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Lady Gaga and Rihanna donning the 16th century underwear to awards ceremonies and high end fashion boutiques using corsets on the catwalks. We will try to “a-dress” how the history of the not so humble corset {Read More…}

5 Womens Fragrances in Bond No. 9

​Today’s women pride in being true to themselves being modern and at the same time unique. That mantra applies to all aspects of their life, including their choices on womens fragrances. That’s why a lot of women are now raving about Bond No. 9’s fragrance collection. If you’re a first time user of Bond No. {Read More…}

The New Pixie Cut Craze

We are seeing the newly popular pixie cut everywhere, from huge pop stars to massive movie legends and even stunning models, but why has the pixie cut become so popular? And are you brave enough to try this new hair trend? Granted you have to be courageous to take the plunge and get your hair {Read More…}

Beauty Treatments for Oily Skin Types

No matter how old a person is, what their ethnicity is, gender, or the geographical location a person lives in, oily skin can affect anyone at any time.  The cause can be due to any number of issues. Things such as humidity, diet, stress, poor face cleansing, and even one’s genetic makeup can make for {Read More…}

Acne – How to Prevent Outbreaks and Treat Scarring

Most young adults (or grown adults) will experience an outbreak of acne at some time in their lives. Acne can be a traumatic condition damaging self-esteem and confidence in worst case scenarios. Although teen acne can’t be completely prevented without medical intervention it can certainly be reduced and quelled. Acne doesn’t just impact upon sufferers {Read More…}

How to Become a Makeup Artist to the Stars

There’s a lot in the media right now about how much the photos we see in magazines are airbrushed. Does she really look that good? How is her skin so flawless? Well sometimes that flawless glowing skin is the work of an outstanding makeup artist. The photos are real- but makeup is the secret. So {Read More…}

How to Achieve the Perfect Smile

Ok, so nobody quite has the perfect smile, but with some effort (and investment) we can all achieve a near-perfect look. In recent years the rise of reality TV programmes such as “The only Way Is Essex” and “Made in Chelsea” has seen a band of viewers rush to recreate the smiles of their TV {Read More…}

5 Great Day Spa Treatments for Health and Healing

If you’ve never been to a spa, or even if you have, you might assume that they’re geared towards a certain amount of decadence that revolves around beauty more than anything else. And while you know that many of the treatments have additional benefits to buffing, bronzing, and making your skin look perfect, you might {Read More…}

Top 5 Fixes for Dry, Frizzy Hair

If you’ve processed your hair to within an inch of its life with chemical dyes, straighteners, perms, or other procedures, then you shouldn’t be surprised when it ends up dry and frizzy. Ditto on daily heat treatments. But even if you don’t do a lot of damage to your locks, you might still notice that {Read More…}