Greenway: Home of Agatha Christie

I first glimpsed Greenway as a child, when I was taken on a guided boat trip down the River Dart in Devon, UK. The tour guide was outlining various places of interest, when he pointed high on the bank and said that the far distant cream house had been the home of Agatha Christie. I {Read More…}

Cool Kindle Cases and Covers

If you have a Kindle, chances are that you will also need a Kindle case or Kindle cover to protect your eReader display from scratches while you are not using it. Just like cell phones, eReaders need to be treated gently and protected from the elements so that the displays will remain unscratched and able {Read More…}

Celebrate Christmas With Radley

I don’t know about you but I love Radley bags and I also love the little Scottish Terrier who is their mascot. This Christmas Radley the Scottie gets his very own starring role in a new book ‘Radley’s 12 Days of Christmas‘. Radley have teamed up with illustrator Steven Lenton for this beautiful take on {Read More…}

Never Lose a Book Again

For those who are constantly losing things, it can be hard to get organized. Books are especially difficult because they can all look the same and they can be buried under a wide variety of other things. If you want to make sure you never lose a book again, there are a certain number of {Read More…}

Pretty Pastel Style: Selina Lake Book Giveaway

** The giveaway is now closed and the lucky winner, drawn by random number generator, is Louise Mamet Berthereau who left the following comment: “Pastel colors have been my favourite since ages… For me they are fresh, simple and peaceful nuances which could easily fit in a room of my house which I call “my {Read More…}

Books Are a Magical Place

Learning to read as a child was one of the most exciting events in my young life and I didn’t waste any opportunity to read aloud to any adult friends of my parents that I could find. I’m sure these long-suffering adults weren’t quite as pleased with my new found skill as I was, but {Read More…}