Kids Underfoot – What’s Under Their Feet?

If you have kids, you’ve surely gone through the child-proofing stage of securing furniture, covering electrical outlets, etc., but what about the literal foundation of every room in your house? You may not have stopped to think about what the best flooring options are for children, but whether you’re putting in a new floor or {Read More…}

Why We Love Old Fashioned Sweets

Over the past couple of years, there seems to have been a real revival in retro sweets. Treats that we thought had disappeared from the newsagent shelves forever have suddenly made a bit of a comeback and now they are popping up on websites, in sections of big shops and even in their own sweet {Read More…}

5 Benefits of Afterschool Learning Enrichment Activities for Children

If you’re like a lot of parents, the few hours between after your child gets out of school and goes to bed can be hard to plan; especially if you happen to be someone who works, you don’t want your child to be home alone and you need a safe environment for them to be {Read More…}

5 Great Early Learning Activities for Toddlers

When you have a child, one of the most amazing things about raising them is that every day, they are learning something new. One day, it might be a new word. Another day, it might be a new color. Another day, it might be a new number.

5 Outdoor Play Safety Tips for Children

For a lot of us, when we were growing up, it was not uncommon to hear our parents tell us to go and play outside after school or on the weekends. Yet as technology has become such a huge part of our society, now many kids are exchanging swing sets and kickball for laptops and {Read More…}

Back to School: What Should You Buy?

It might be the summer holidays now, but before you know it, it will be the school term once again. It can be a bit overwhelming when all of the adverts come on TV telling you what to buy, but I always find it the easiest on my purse to buy what I actually need. {Read More…}

Finding The Perfect Kid’s Bed – Whatever Their Age

Kids’ bedrooms have come a long way since the days of the boring old single bed, a chest of drawers and a wardrobe.  Nowadays kids, and let’s face it, us adults too want something for the child’s bedroom that is not only functional, but fun and cool too. After the nursery stage it is often {Read More…}

Five Outdoor Toys all Children Should Have

The summer holidays are quickly passing us by and your kids are probably beginning to feel the early stages of boredom. With this impending boredom kicking in, it’s time you as a parent started to look at ideas that will keep your kids out of mischief. One of the biggest problems we also face as {Read More…}

Five Activities to Keep Your Children Occupied This Summer Holiday

The summer holidays are now well and truly under way, the kids are playing havoc, they are beginning to get bored and you are beginning to run out of ideas to keep them occupied. This is a common scenario throughout the country, but this needn’t be the case. It’s understandable that you are working to {Read More…}

The Godfather of Christening Keepsakes

Christenings are a great way to get family and friends together to celebrate the birth and life of a new arrival, but there’s one thing that always leads to worry and confusion – what to buy as a gift! Since the Victorian times it has been tradition to give a silver gift at Christenings with {Read More…}