Celebrate Christmas With Radley

I don’t know about you but I love Radley bags and I also love the little Scottish Terrier who is their mascot. This Christmas Radley the Scottie gets his very own starring role in a new book ‘Radley’s 12 Days of Christmas‘. Radley have teamed up with illustrator Steven Lenton for this beautiful take on {Read More…}

Evolution of the Corset

In recent years corsets have made a resurgence back into mainstream fashion , with celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Lady Gaga and Rihanna donning the 16th century underwear to awards ceremonies and high end fashion boutiques using corsets on the catwalks. We will try to “a-dress” how the history of the not so humble corset {Read More…}

What to Wear to a Festival

Nothing beats going to a festival, singing along to your favourite tunes and discovering new and upcoming artists. Yet, whether they’re indoor or outdoor, festivals can get a little messy. There’s a lot of movement, drinks are being spilled, there might be one or two people that can’t handle their drink and, if you’re out {Read More…}

Cashmere Sweaters Designed For Elegance and Comfort

Do you love cashmere clothing but are put off by the cost of it? One thing that you must keep in mind is that a piece of cashmere will last for several years. Cashmere clothing has actually been around for several hundred years, therefore it is one of the oldest clothing materials still on the {Read More…}

5 Stunning Woman’s Work Trousers

Most women love work trousers, thanks to their infinite styling and practicality from morning to night. In fact, they have become a wardrobe staple for today’s female business professionals. A terrific pair of work trousers can help you create endless office looks simply by adding unique accessories or vibrant blouses. They also come in a {Read More…}

Find the Flair of a French Fashionista

For a woman traveling to France, one of the most fun preparations is figuring out what she should pack. French women are admired for looking put-together, and Paris is known as the fashion capitol of the world. Here are a few simple guidelines you can follow to look and feel like you belong in France. {Read More…}

Interesting Places to Find Cheap Clothes

When it comes to shopping for clothes we all love a bargain don’t we? Well bargains can be found in the most unexpected of places and sometimes it may even cost peanuts. Next time you go shopping try thinking outside the box to see what you can find. Bargain Hunters! For those who don’t mind {Read More…}

Will Women Empowerment Convince You to Shop for Clothes

There are many factors that can influence one to shop for clothes at a certain brand. It can be because of a trend, the price range, and even the popularity of the brand. One UK retail brand is going further to convince women consumers that their new line of apparel is far more than just {Read More…}

Is There Still Time Left For The Wrist-Watch?

The fabled wrist watch has long been the mascot for our continuous observation of time.  Its intricate mechanics and cutting edge designs are the admiration of millions of people from across the globe. In an age where everything is connected to the internet it seems that nothing not even the wrist watch is safe from {Read More…}

Ways To Pull Off The Grungy Look This Season

If you look at the celeb sections of the tabloids or have a look in high street fashion shops, you’ll know that the “grunge” look is going to be hot this autumn. The Mail Online likes to refer to Kristen Stewart when they talk about the style as she has long been a fan of {Read More…}