App Overview: Pay As You Track

Pay As You Track is a new telematics app designed for SME’s to track their fleets in real-time. Designed for tradesmen, Van drivers, mechanics and salespeople, Pay As You Track (PAYT) offers a low cost telematics service starting at just 25p per day. How much time do you spend working your way through mileage expense {Read More…}

Cool Kindle Cases and Covers

If you have a Kindle, chances are that you will also need a Kindle case or Kindle cover to protect your eReader display from scratches while you are not using it. Just like cell phones, eReaders need to be treated gently and protected from the elements so that the displays will remain unscratched and able {Read More…}

Tools to Take Along: 4 Cool Apps for the World Traveler

Travel agencies are becoming passé. The U.S. Travel Association says that trip planning sources have shifted over the years with travelers now frequently using mobile devices and social media. You already know about booking websites such as DealScoopr, Orbitz and for finding killer deals on travel and accommodations. And you might even have a {Read More…}

The Next Generation Of Domestic Cleaning Products

It might not be the most exciting of purchases but cleaning products are something we use a lot on our day to day lives and by spending a little extra it can make your life so much easier. In this article I will outline three cleaning products that are at the cutting edge of technology {Read More…}

Lockout Tagout Devices – The Ultimate Safety and Security Gadget of 2013

Safety and security is paramount in the society we live in today, health and safety is constantly under scrutiny and this is why companies are always looking for innovations. With this in mind, British company Total Lockout ( have developed an innovative range of lock systems that can be used in a number of different {Read More…}

5 Smartphone Security Tips for Your Kids

There used to be a time when, if a child wanted to make a phone call, they had to use the phone in the kitchen or family room. However, that is no longer the case. As a matter of fact, according to several studies, as many as a whopping 58 percent of kids between the {Read More…}

Buy A Camera Online: Browse, Choose, Click

A camera provides another way of viewing the world – through a lens! Cameras make great gifts, and you can easily buy a camera online for the special person in your life that is either a seasoned photographer, or someone who is new to the field. Cameras and camera accessories come in different styles and {Read More…}

Nook Versus The Kindle Fire

With all of the new mobile devices on the market, shoppers are left to wonder which device offers the best value for their dollar, and which device suits their needs the closest. Since the release of Amazon’s and Barnes & Noble’s new eReaders and tablets, a lot of comparisons are being made between the two {Read More…}

Amazon Color Kindle: Review of the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″

Amazon’s color tablet and eReader, the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″, has been getting rave reviews from tech experts and users. Compared to the other Kindles in Amazon’s device family, the Kindle Fire dominates in most categories. This supercharged Kindle also has a relatively low price point, making it an accessible option for those looking for {Read More…}