Installing a Window Box Planter

Even if your home does not have a garden, does not mean that you cannot enjoy plants and flowers.  Installing a window box planter is the easiest way to achieve this.  You can brighten up your home with colour and fragrance in just a few simple steps. Selecting Your Window Boxes Window boxes are available {Read More…}

Garden to Table Cooking: The Basics

Starting your first fruit and vegetable garden is an exciting opportunity, but it comes with new challenges and responsibilities. Knowing how to grow your own food and live off the land is an excellent skill to have, but it takes a lot of practice, trial and error. If you’re not sure how you can successfully {Read More…}

Ideas To Help With The Maintenance Of Your Garden

Whether you are very busy at your job, are getting older or maybe have a medical condition that makes it difficult for you to do as much work around the house as you used to then reducing the upkeep of your garden can only be a good thing, this article will offer a few bits {Read More…}

4 Garden Themes To Try When Landscaping

Whether you have moved in to a new house or you just want to refurbish a tired garden consider getting it completely re-landscaped and a theme put in to it. It is proven that a good garden adds value to your house, in a survey done by Lloyds TSB they found that on average people {Read More…}

Create a Child-Friendly Garden in Five Simple Steps

With summer approaching our children are spending more time in the garden (and rightly so). Gardens should be a place of adventure, fun and inspiration for our children but sometimes this is difficult – especially when you want to strike the balance, and keep your garden adult-friendly at the same time. To create an inspiring {Read More…}

Herbs To Grow Together

If you’ve ever wondered how to start a garden, or need a little help getting your garden to produce the yields that you would like to see, perhaps it’s time to get some expert help. Doug Jimerson, gardener and expert at Better Homes and Gardens, is now teaching a Craftsy classed called Garden Fresh: Grow {Read More…}

Planting In Planters

If you love gardening, but just don’t have the space, time, or money for a large outdoor garden, planting in planters is just the remedy for you. By using small growing containers and plants that are specially designed to grow in tight spaces, you’ll be able to have the garden that you always dreamed of, {Read More…}

Why Gardening Is a Fun and Rewarding Hobby

Plenty of people turn to gardening as a hobby, regardless of age, wealth, creed, or color. Around the world, gardening is appreciated for the calming and peaceful activity that it is. If you’re wondering about whether or not you want to give gardening a shot, we’ll go ahead and talk about why it might be {Read More…}