5 Stylish and Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas

Moving into a new house and apartment is an incredibly stressful but thoroughly exciting process. You spend weeks or months preparing, and once all the hard work of packing and unpacking is done, the process of turning your new house into your perfect home can begin. Many people choose to celebrate that process by having {Read More…}

Relaxing Gifts for Stressed Out Friends and Loved Ones

What do you buy for a stressed out friend or family member? A beautiful scented candle, an aromatherapy bubble bath, a relaxing lavender filled pillow? All very lovely, but what about those occasions when a really special gift is required. Something bigger and better. Something that shows them that you’ve really put some thought into {Read More…}

Understanding Fair Trade and Its Immense Global Benefits

You have probably heard the phrase “fair trade” attached to coffee, tea, home décor, or jewelry. You may have even seen a necklace with a fair trade label attached, or heard about fair trade coffee practices on the news. But what does fair trade mean—and why does it matter?