Nuband Giveaway: Track Your Way to Success

We all know that if we track something carefully we are more likely to succeed. For example if you keep a food journal or note down how many glasses of water you drink in a day, then you are on your way to adopting healthier habits. In the wake of that has come the new {Read More…}

Fast Facts About Alopecia Areata

The basics about hair loss Alopecia areata usually affects the hair on the scalp of the head and occurs in a particular pattern – small patches that can eventually connect making a large area of the head bald. Men and women can both experience this type of hair loss One possible cause for alopecia areata {Read More…}

Feeling Stressed? Go Work it Out!

Stress happens to everybody. Young and old, anybody can feel stressed. Stress is defined as something that affects either a physical, emotional or psychological strain to the human body. When we encounter stress, our bodies adapt and react accordingly. Hormones like cortisol and adrenaline are secreted. These chemicals cause increase in heart rates, a slowing {Read More…}

How to Keep Cool at Work During a Heat Wave

With temperatures rising to around 30 degrees, the UK has been blessed with an unusual spell for beautiful weather – exactly what our summers every year should be like! Whilst many of us are making the most of the sun by venturing out on daytrips with family or with friends, some still have to head {Read More…}

Top 4 Foods Which Will Cut Back On Your Calorie Consumption

During the summer many people panic over their appearance and lifestyle as the hot weather is the time to wear less clothing such as bikinis and shorts and for those who haven’t maintained a healthy diet and exercise plan dread to wear more revealing attire! A great way to watch what you are eating whilst {Read More…}

BBQing With a Difference

When it comes to a fun summer BBQ you might think that the diet goes straight out of the window, with burgers, sausages and other fat filled foods being served up. You can however, have a healthy BBQ just as you would cook a healthy and nutritious meal in your kitchen. There are plenty of {Read More…}

How to Get the Most Out Of Protein Supplements

Summer time tends to be the season when people diet as they have holidays and the sunny weather to dress for.  As everyone wants to look and feel their best, a lot less clothing is worn over the warmer months which can make people extremely body conscious. For those who are already on a strict {Read More…}

5 Tips for Dust and Dander-Proofing Your Home

Anyone who suffers from indoor allergies knows the misery of itchy, watery eyes, sinus pressure, and the coughing, wheezing, and sneezing that go hand-in-hand with the condition. And if you happen to be allergic to common allergens like dust and pet dander, there’s a good chance that you experience these symptoms year round, especially if {Read More…}

How to Achieve the Perfect Smile

Ok, so nobody quite has the perfect smile, but with some effort (and investment) we can all achieve a near-perfect look. In recent years the rise of reality TV programmes such as “The only Way Is Essex” and “Made in Chelsea” has seen a band of viewers rush to recreate the smiles of their TV {Read More…}

What Makes Reebok CrossFit Shoes Perfect For CrossFitters?

CrossFit is one of the most popular activities these days by most athletes and workout enthusiasts. This strenuous and rigorous activity helps boost the body’s endurance and strength. This is a program that is usually provided in police academies, tactical operations team, champion martial artists, and military special operations. In order to do well in {Read More…}