5 Tips for a Stress Free Moving Experience

Moving house can be an exciting time, yet it can often be filled with stress and dread. With so much to organize, pack and prepare, it’s a challenge to not get caught in the downsides rather than the positives involved in experiencing a fresh start. The following 5 tips will help make moving a stress {Read More…}

Buy to Let Proves to be a Great Investment Vehicle

In the UK, demand for housing has far outstripped supply for many years. This has meant that most of those who got involved in ‘buy to let’ in the late 90s have made very healthy profits. A recent study carried out by Wriglesworth Consultancy on behalf of Landbay the P2P lending specialists showed just how {Read More…}

Innovative Ways to Decorate a Spare Room to Rent Out

If you have a spare room that you want to lease out it is important to decorate it in the right way. You need it to be practical, look good and appeal to the tastes of the type or person you are planning to rent the room out to. Decorating a room to a high {Read More…}

A Healthy Summer Recipe – Lemon and Pepper Chicken Bake

With the summer season now upon us, people tend to become more health conscious in comparison to their winter selves. This often gives way to a newfound appreciation for lighter foods that are generally friendlier on the waistline, leading people to opt for side salads and leafy greens over stodgier accompaniments such as chips or {Read More…}

What is Power Flushing?

If you are noticing that your radiators are taking longer to heat up or that your heating system is getting nosier it may be time to consider having your system power flushed. Usually when you find that some radiators are taking longer to heat up than others and notice that it takes longer for rooms {Read More…}

Five Household Jobs to Do Before Your Spring Clean

As the snow and cold temperatures fade away into the new season, you will probably find yourself in spring cleaning mode. This isn’t unusual as many of us like to get our homes sorted before the warmer months really take hold; these are times to enjoy the household and to relax in. However it is {Read More…}

This Is Not Your Mother’s Kitchen: A Guide to Millennials

The majority of millennials are more concerned with the technology of a home than the luxuries that were preferred by their parents’ generation, according to a recent Better Homes and Gardens real estate survey. This generation is strikingly different than previous generations. In fact, 84 percent of millennials who took part in the survey felt {Read More…}

Three Ways to Find Space In Your Home for Crafting

We all know the agony of cupboards and drawers bursting with yarn, fabric or art materials. Many of us have also experienced the inconvenience of having to shift our half finished work from the kitchen table because it’s time for tea, gathering up a heavy sewing machine or a million tiny beads in order to {Read More…}

Five Ideas for the Ultimate Warm Weather Garden Party

Now that the worst of the winter weather has been and gone, it is time to start thinking ahead to those gorgeous warm and sunny days we get throughout spring and summer. Days like these are just calling out for a few festivities, and there isn’t really a better place to do it than in {Read More…}

From Home Furnishings to Gadgets: How to Decide What to Repair, Refurbish or Buy New

Your mother may have taught you never to throw away an item that could be repaired or reused, but as a stay-at-home mom yourself, the rules have changed. The availability of cheap imported goods means that it’s often more cost effective to buy things new than to spend money to get them repaired. Knowing which {Read More…}