Is There Still Time Left For The Wrist-Watch?

The fabled wrist watch has long been the mascot for our continuous observation of time.  Its intricate mechanics and cutting edge designs are the admiration of millions of people from across the globe. In an age where everything is connected to the internet it seems that nothing not even the wrist watch is safe from {Read More…}

Make Spring Bling Your Thing: 5 Ways to Show Off Your Jewelry Collection

Even though there are some general fashion rules to pay attention to while styling your outfits, the bottom line is that fashion is supposed to be about fun. Incorporating something dangly or sparkly into your wardrobe is one way to make your outfit both fun and fabulous, so let loose, have fun and let your {Read More…}

Designing Your Own Engagement Ring

There are few better ways to put your own special stamp on one of the most important moments in your life than by designing your own engagement ring with your future fiancé. Doing so is a great way to show your own unique style and personality rather than buying a premade ring from your local jewelry {Read More…}

Fragments: Your Perfect Choice for Valentine’s Day Gifts

Today I wanted to mention a jewelry brand that would be a perfect destination if you are in need of Valentine’s Day gift ideas. The Fragments store was founded in 1984 by Janet Goldman and has a long history of showcasing both beautiful fine jewelry and bang-on-trend fashion jewelry designs. With a store based in {Read More…}