Stress Is A Killer – Try Some Stress Management Techniques

The modern lifestyle is fast and frenetic, our daily lives are full of stressful moments, everything from making sure you catch the train to work on time to arriving on time, getting paid, having enough money to afford rent and food or looking after your children contribute to stress levels. Some people naturally cope with {Read More…}

3 Surprising Benefits of Music Lessons

We probably all know people who have been playing the same musical instrument for years, and we probably all think the same thing: “Sure, it’s easy for them, they’ve been taking lessons all their lives!” It is certainly true that early musical education has long-term benefits. Scientific American, in an article on the impact of {Read More…}

At Work: Is Your Body Language Helping or Hurting Your Career?

Eye contact, facial expressions, a dominate presence — they’re the silent language of leaders and to join the conversation you have to do them well. Get control of your career by controlling your body language with these five reminders: Posture: You’re Confident or Timid Even with something as simple as the way you tilt your {Read More…}

Fun Brain Games to Keep Your Mind Sharp

Your brain is a muscle, and it must be exercised if you expect to stay sharp late in life. Just as you would consistently train for weeks before a marathon, and lift weight at the gym to tone and tighten your body, you must put your brain through consistent work to keep up your ability {Read More…}

Learning to Reward Yourself When You Meet Goals

As adults, we rarely get rewarded for a job well done.  Sure, you get a paycheck for showing up and performing your duties at work.  And if you’re lucky enough to have a thoughtful spouse you may receive a thank you when you make a nice meal, clean out the garage, or organize the media {Read More…}

It’s Never Too Late to Go Back to School

Why go back to college? If you’ve been at the same job for many years there are a few reasons why you may want to return to college. If you are dissatisfied with your line of work, your pay-rate, or your position, it’s probably a good time to kick it up a notch and get {Read More…}

Relaxation Tips to Rid Your Body of Stress

Even when you are handling stress well, you need a breather. Time to renew and recharge ensures that you continue to manage stress in a healthy way. Here are some tips to help you take advantage of time to relax and release. Most of us want to simply unwind after a hard day at work {Read More…}

Feeling Sluggish? Find a New Hobby by Taking a Class

If you’re stuck in a rut, feeling blue, down in the dumps, or simply despondent, then perhaps it’s time you picked yourself up and found a way to make your life more interesting.  Modern life provides for no shortage of stressors (work, traffic, kids, etc.), but very little equivalent down time.  So if you find {Read More…}

How to Manage Your Busy Life and Reduce Stress

There aren’t too many people floating around who seem to have more time than they know what to do with and claim to be completely stress-free.  In fact, I defy you to find even one person who can say that with a straight face.  The simple truth is that we live in a fast-paced world.  {Read More…}

7 of the Best Meditation Retreats From Around the World

If you’ve been experimenting with meditation as of late, or you’re struggling to get into that peaceful state of mind when you’re at home and surrounded by distractions, why not treat yourself to a meditation retreat this summer? Meditation retreats can be pricey, but are well worth the cost if you’re in desperate need of {Read More…}