Wedding Flowers Fact File Infographic

If you are planning a wedding soon then take a look at this infographic created by Silk Blooms on every aspect of wedding flowers from which types are in season at certain times of the year to how much you are likely to pay for them. Weddings are a busy and stressful time so knowing {Read More…}

Will The 5% Deposit On Mortgages Help Young Married Couples?

At the Conservative party conference in Manchester last week David Cameron announced that his ‘Help To Buy’ scheme was actually three months ahead of schedule and would be launched within days. The scheme aims to help get first time buyers on the housing ladder and inject some much needed life in to the property market {Read More…}

Tips & DIY’s To Make Your Wedding More Affordable

It’s no secret that weddings are expensive.  In fact, the cost of having a wedding in the United States is approximately $20,000 after everything is bought and paid for.  This extensive price tag has many American couples looking for cheaper alternatives when it comes to purchasing wedding items.  From the cake to the wedding ring, {Read More…}

Five Money Saving Ideas for DIY fanatics

When carrying out any DIY project the obvious aim is to carry out all work yourself, with the intention of saving money on labour costs. DIY doesn’t always work out as smoothly as this, with mistakes being made and material costs setting you back more than expected because you simply don’t know where to source {Read More…}

What Makes Or Breaks Your Online Shopping Experience

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular by the year; people are turning away from high street shops in search of a bargain online. Prices on the whole are much cheaper online as companies don’t have the massive overheads of rent on high street premises, they just need a large warehouse to store the {Read More…}

The 5 Most Expensive Apartments In The World

Despite the eye watering prices, the envy and the jealousy we do all love to see what the most expensive homes in the world are, we’ll never be able to afford one but dammit we can look at them! Houses get bigger and bigger every year but apartments are always massively restricted by size meaning {Read More…}

5 Ways to Lower Your Home Mortgage Payment

Your home is likely your biggest asset, but it is also your biggest bill each month. So if there was a way to lower it, you’d no doubt jump at the chance. As it happens, you’re in luck, because there are plenty of ways to lower your monthly mortgage payment. Some require you to meet {Read More…}

Getting Your Finances Under Control

One of the things that people stress out about the most is money because it’s something that seems never ending.  The most important piece in the puzzle of financial freedom to help cut down on your every day stress is to get your finances in control and keep them that way.  Once you take control {Read More…}

How to Find a Reputable Money Manager to Get Your Finances in Order

You might wonder why someone would need a money manager. After all, you’re perfectly capable of handling your funds. You earn an income and pay the bills, don’t you? But a money manager is not necessarily someone who oversees the cash flow in and out of your household. This professional helps you to address financial {Read More…}

3 Ways to Save Money: Gold, 401K, and Foreign Currency

The current state of the U.S. economy has left most Americans with few financially-sound options for saving their money. Investing in property is still extremely volatile and only worth it to those with the means to pay in cash. And the stock market: well, ask Nintendo and Apple about some of Wall Street’s unrealistic expectations {Read More…}