Feeling Stressed? Go Work it Out!

Stress happens to everybody. Young and old, anybody can feel stressed. Stress is defined as something that affects either a physical, emotional or psychological strain to the human body. When we encounter stress, our bodies adapt and react accordingly. Hormones like cortisol and adrenaline are secreted. These chemicals cause increase in heart rates, a slowing {Read More…}

Stress Is A Killer – Try Some Stress Management Techniques

The modern lifestyle is fast and frenetic, our daily lives are full of stressful moments, everything from making sure you catch the train to work on time to arriving on time, getting paid, having enough money to afford rent and food or looking after your children contribute to stress levels. Some people naturally cope with {Read More…}

5 Great Day Spa Treatments for Health and Healing

If you’ve never been to a spa, or even if you have, you might assume that they’re geared towards a certain amount of decadence that revolves around beauty more than anything else. And while you know that many of the treatments have additional benefits to buffing, bronzing, and making your skin look perfect, you might {Read More…}

Chilling Out in Germany’s Spa Capital

The Germans are a famously healthy lot, given to bracing outdoor pursuits such as swimming in freezing lakes and cross-country hiking, at least when they’re not knocking back giant glass steins full of frothing lager at Munich’s Oktoberfest, or guzzling bratwurst and hot wine at their ubiquitous and justly celebrated Christmas markets. Maybe the two {Read More…}

The Science of Massage

Getting a massage has always been known to relieve sore and tight muscles and a great way to take a mini vacation of relaxation, but is their other benefits to this simple pleasure? Believe it or not, the human touch is one of the most powerful things we connect to, a simple hug from someone {Read More…}

Peaceful and Tranquil Design Elements for Your Backyard

There’s nothing like getting off of work, going home, getting a tall glass of lemonade and stepping out onto your backyard as the sun sets. It’s calm, it’s peaceful and it’s a wonderful way to get a bit of rest and relaxation in at the end of the taxing and draining day. As a matter {Read More…}

Calming and Peaceful Home Design Tips

With all the demands of modern life heaping stress upon you day in and day out, the last thing you want to do is come home to a space that is dull, dirty, and disorganized. By the same token, a riot of color and a mishmash of eclectic furnishings may spice up your interior, but {Read More…}

Is There a Link between Stress and Pain?

Those in medical fields have lately come to understand that stress does a lot more than simply produce feelings of nervousness and agitation. It can also have highly impactful negative effects on mental, emotional, and physical levels. For example, stress has been linked to psychological issues like anxiety, depression, and even thoughts of suicide. And {Read More…}

Having a Hot Tub Is Fun and Good For Your Health

After a hard day at work, most people want to come home and relax. With meal preparation, cleaning, and other home responsibilities, sometimes home is not a great place to relax. Ever considered a hot tub for your back yard or home? It’s a wonderful way to spend time together as a family, is a {Read More…}

Relaxing Gifts for Stressed Out Friends and Loved Ones

What do you buy for a stressed out friend or family member? A beautiful scented candle, an aromatherapy bubble bath, a relaxing lavender filled pillow? All very lovely, but what about those occasions when a really special gift is required. Something bigger and better. Something that shows them that you’ve really put some thought into {Read More…}