Greenway: Home of Agatha Christie

I first glimpsed Greenway as a child, when I was taken on a guided boat trip down the River Dart in Devon, UK. The tour guide was outlining various places of interest, when he pointed high on the bank and said that the far distant cream house had been the home of Agatha Christie. I {Read More…}

Add These Outdoor Wonders to Your Bucket List

When nature beckons, we all answer the call for different reasons. Some of us desire solitude and a quiet respite from the bustle of daily life. Others chase thrills and adventure, feeding their inner Huckleberry Finn or Jacques Cousteau. Still others seek to connect with their spirituality among trees, atop mountains or at lake or {Read More…}

4 Destinations For The Great American Lake Trip

Paddle boarding across the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe. Watching the sun set between the red cliff canyons of Lake Powell. Setting sail from the Lake Michigan marina into open waters. A lake getaway is full of adventure, and the following four lakes offer plenty of beautiful things to see and fun things to {Read More…}

Tools to Take Along: 4 Cool Apps for the World Traveler

Travel agencies are becoming passé. The U.S. Travel Association says that trip planning sources have shifted over the years with travelers now frequently using mobile devices and social media. You already know about booking websites such as DealScoopr, Orbitz and for finding killer deals on travel and accommodations. And you might even have a {Read More…}

Bucket List Alert: 4 International Festivals Happening in November

Festivals are a great way to celebrate a local culture and experience some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. If November is a cold, dreary month where you live, get to one of these lively international celebrations. Here are our picks for the four November festivals to add to your bucket list: Day of the {Read More…}

Find the Flair of a French Fashionista

For a woman traveling to France, one of the most fun preparations is figuring out what she should pack. French women are admired for looking put-together, and Paris is known as the fashion capitol of the world. Here are a few simple guidelines you can follow to look and feel like you belong in France. {Read More…}

Improve Your Chances of Being Granted an Australian Work Visa

In 2012 185,000 people worldwide migrated to Australia to embark on a new life and live the Australian dream. Swathes of people are attracted to the shores of Australia each year because of the laid back lifestyle, great climate, amazing beaches and the potential riches on offer. Whilst the rest of the world has been {Read More…}

Soul Traveler: Finding Meaning in Life by Traveling

Step outside your comfort zone and follow your wanderlust. Meeting new people and seeing natural wonders increase your awareness of a world outside of your own. Travel and mindfulness can cure boredom, depression, anxieties of day-to-day life, and feelings of being lost. Certain essences are attached to different places around the world, and unique travel {Read More…}

How to Plan a Smooth Group Travel Getaway

Planning travel for yourself is no easy feat, what with trying to find the options you want for airline tickets, lodgings, and transportation (amongst other things) at the best price. But when you decide to plan travel for a group of family members and/or friends, the difficulties could multiply at an exponential rate. Not only {Read More…}

Top 4 Scuba Diving Destinations

Scuba diving is becoming more and more popular every year, peoples natural curiosity for what they can’t see under the water generally leads to an interest in snorkelling on holiday. After this some people continue to take it further and join in some scuba diving sessions in the pool and before you know it they {Read More…}