Lose Weight & Let Go With Hot Yoga

Lose weight successfully by eating less and moving more. The process runs deeper than just eating vegetables and running five miles a day, though. Why can’t you control your portions? Why can’t you pull yourself from the couch and go for a ride? Can you identify that emotional wall that you’ve built standing between you {Read More…}

Yoga – A Cure for Modern Day Stress

Yoga is the ancient art of meditation that combines a healthy viewpoint of both the mind and body. Yogis will rave about their limber bodies and clear minds. Does this intrigue you yet? You should consider yoga if you are tired of living a hectic and stressful daily life, because it will teach you to {Read More…}

Hot Yoga – Try Bikram

Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga is a style of yoga developed in Los Angeles by Bikram Choudhury. Born in India in 1946, Choudhury settled in California in the 1970s and now lives in Beverly Hills. The unique element in Bikram yoga is that the sessions take place in a well heated room in a temperature {Read More…}

7 of the Best Meditation Retreats From Around the World

If you’ve been experimenting with meditation as of late, or you’re struggling to get into that peaceful state of mind when you’re at home and surrounded by distractions, why not treat yourself to a meditation retreat this summer? Meditation retreats can be pricey, but are well worth the cost if you’re in desperate need of {Read More…}

Yoga For Men

Yoga for men is something that may not come to mind immediately as a great form of exercise for the body, and yet it is. The physical form of yoga was originally developed in India as an exercise for Hindu yogis, who are mainly men. Yoga can be very helpful for improving bodily strength, which {Read More…}

A Guide to Hatha Yoga

There are many types of yoga including jnana, the yoga of knowledge and bhakti, the yoga of devotion, but the best known in the West is hatha yoga or physical yoga. This is also the most widely practiced outside of India, offered at exercise studios, gyms, schools and colleges, and even some workplaces in every {Read More…}

Good Yoga Mats

There is a very wide variety of yoga mats on the market. You will find both synthetic and natural yoga mats, and they come in many different sizes and colors. Which is best?

Yoga Lays the Foundation for Other Types of Fitness

If you’ve never done yoga, you may have some preconceived notions about people who endorse the practice. You may feel that it requires some sort of spiritual enlightenment or the flexibility of a contortionist to perform.

Understanding Popular Forms of Yoga

As the world faces so much struggle and strife… war, natural disasters and economic collapse, people are desperate for ways to deal with it all. Many people are turning to yoga. With every business that sadly closes its’ doors due to the failing economy, surprisingly, a yoga studio seems to pop up in its’ place.

Yoga May Be Slow and Steady, But It Certainly Wins the Race

It’s no secret that yoga is good for you. Documentation from before the birth of Christ shows the practice of yoga as a method of reaching a higher state of consciousness through ritual discipline and meditation. Today, the practice of yoga has spread across the globe, spurring a money-making industry aimed at improving your health and well-being through the use of motion and breathing techniques. But how does all of this apply to you?