The Family Kitchen: How to Keep It Clean

It is fair to say that the family kitchen is one of the rooms of the house that is used most frequently. Whether your little one wants a beaker of juice, or you are cooking a three course meal for a dinner party, the kitchen is said to be the soul and centre of the {Read More…}

Teaching Your Kids to Take Better Care of Their Things

There’s no denying the children can be destructive little whirlwinds in the home. Whether they lack coordination or simply common sense, they may seem incapable of playing with toys without breaking them, picking up delicate items without dropping them, or generally interacting with their environment without causing massive damage. In short, they simply don’t take {Read More…}

Declutter Your Home: Storage and Organization Tips

When your house is cluttered it can seep into all other parts of your life, too. Clutter has been proven to increase levels of agitation. It’s harder to relax and unwind in a space that’s full of clutter. If you’re starting to feel trapped or overcome with the stuff in your house, it’s time to {Read More…}