Keep Your Home Warm (and Green!) This Winter

When winter comes, eco-conscious homeowners must balance their need for warmth with their concerns for keeping the environment fresh and clean. Much (though not all) of the focus of keeping a home warm and staying green is maintaining heating efficiency — using less energy to warm more space. The following do-it-yourself home heating tips could {Read More…}

3 Skills Every Up-and-Coming Handywoman Should Know

Whether you’re moving away to college or buying your first house, there are certain maintenance tasks every woman needs to know how to do. It helps to be prepared with the proper tool kits for jobs like plumbing, car maintenance and lawn upkeep, but knowing how to use them is the key to being self-sufficient. Read on {Read More…}

Five Money Saving Ideas for DIY fanatics

When carrying out any DIY project the obvious aim is to carry out all work yourself, with the intention of saving money on labour costs. DIY doesn’t always work out as smoothly as this, with mistakes being made and material costs setting you back more than expected because you simply don’t know where to source {Read More…}

Hidden gems: How to restore wood furniture

Experienced bargain-hunters know that they can find some great wooden furniture at garage sales and thrift shops. Whereas some of us don’t recognize the potential of neglected furniture, savvy shoppers see past the imperfections, knowing that most pieces can be restored with some paint and patience. With the right tools and technique, you can make {Read More…}

5 Easy and Affordable DIY Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Have you found yourself looking in your bathroom and thinking to yourself “I sure would like to switch things up a bit” only to realize that your bank account can’t afford to pay for all of the renovations that you would like to make? If so, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a few {Read More…}