The New Pixie Cut Craze

We are seeing the newly popular pixie cut everywhere, from huge pop stars to massive movie legends and even stunning models, but why has the pixie cut become so popular? And are you brave enough to try this new hair trend? Granted you have to be courageous to take the plunge and get your hair {Read More…}

Top 5 Fixes for Dry, Frizzy Hair

If you’ve processed your hair to within an inch of its life with chemical dyes, straighteners, perms, or other procedures, then you shouldn’t be surprised when it ends up dry and frizzy. Ditto on daily heat treatments. But even if you don’t do a lot of damage to your locks, you might still notice that {Read More…}

How Women Can Prevent Hair Thinning and Hair Loss

As much as 40% of the population will deal with hair loss at some point during their lives. More than half of those affected are men, but the large number of women struggling with hair loss are even more deeply impacted. Baldness is acceptable with men, and sometimes is even adopted as a fashion statement. {Read More…}