What is Power Flushing?

If you are noticing that your radiators are taking longer to heat up or that your heating system is getting nosier it may be time to consider having your system power flushed. Usually when you find that some radiators are taking longer to heat up than others and notice that it takes longer for rooms {Read More…}

Five Household Jobs to Do Before Your Spring Clean

As the snow and cold temperatures fade away into the new season, you will probably find yourself in spring cleaning mode. This isn’t unusual as many of us like to get our homes sorted before the warmer months really take hold; these are times to enjoy the household and to relax in. However it is {Read More…}

Three Ways to Find Space In Your Home for Crafting

We all know the agony of cupboards and drawers bursting with yarn, fabric or art materials. Many of us have also experienced the inconvenience of having to shift our half finished work from the kitchen table because it’s time for tea, gathering up a heavy sewing machine or a million tiny beads in order to {Read More…}

Lighting Really Ties the Room Together

Nothing sours a party like spending big bucks on beautiful food, delicious beverages, perfect music and table decorations … and then realizing you have to spotlight it all with hospital-style fluorescent bulb. Instead, grace your home with elegant illumination that adds to, rather than detracts from, your entertainment, relaxation and fun. With an understanding of {Read More…}

Get a New Look for Your Living Room

Your living room is your home’s ‘hub’. It’s the place where you gather with friends and family to relax, to chat and to be entertained. It’s only right that you put some effort into making it a place that you want to be. If your living room is looking dated, then it might be time {Read More…}

Keep Your Home Warm (and Green!) This Winter

When winter comes, eco-conscious homeowners must balance their need for warmth with their concerns for keeping the environment fresh and clean. Much (though not all) of the focus of keeping a home warm and staying green is maintaining heating efficiency — using less energy to warm more space. The following do-it-yourself home heating tips could {Read More…}

The Next Generation Of Domestic Cleaning Products

It might not be the most exciting of purchases but cleaning products are something we use a lot on our day to day lives and by spending a little extra it can make your life so much easier. In this article I will outline three cleaning products that are at the cutting edge of technology {Read More…}

Choosing Bamboo for Your Windows

When it comes to choosing how you will cover your windows, you might want to consider a popular and earth-friendly material such as bamboo. Not only is natural bamboo attractive, it is also reliable, natural and able to withstand any kind of weather your home might be subject to, including freezing cold temperatures and sweltering {Read More…}

Discover Everything You Need to Produce That Luxury Kitchen

The kitchen is probably one of the used rooms in the house, from cooking through to socialising; the kitchen should be at the heart of any home. In the past 100 years kitchens have doubled in size, with the average kitchen going from a mere 65sq ft (in 1920) to a whopping 121sq ft (in {Read More…}

Finding The Perfect Kid’s Bed – Whatever Their Age

Kids’ bedrooms have come a long way since the days of the boring old single bed, a chest of drawers and a wardrobe.  Nowadays kids, and let’s face it, us adults too want something for the child’s bedroom that is not only functional, but fun and cool too. After the nursery stage it is often {Read More…}