This Is Not Your Mother’s Kitchen: A Guide to Millennials

The majority of millennials are more concerned with the technology of a home than the luxuries that were preferred by their parents’ generation, according to a recent Better Homes and Gardens real estate survey. This generation is strikingly different than previous generations. In fact, 84 percent of millennials who took part in the survey felt {Read More…}

Discover Everything You Need to Produce That Luxury Kitchen

The kitchen is probably one of the used rooms in the house, from cooking through to socialising; the kitchen should be at the heart of any home. In the past 100 years kitchens have doubled in size, with the average kitchen going from a mere 65sq ft (in 1920) to a whopping 121sq ft (in {Read More…}

Designing Your Perfect Kitchen

Whether you’re refitting a kitchen as a property investment, or you hope to be living with your new kitchen design for many years to come, it’s crucial to plan thoroughly and get the design right before it’s built – the wrong kitchen isn’t something you can easily cover up with a coat of paint when {Read More…}