How to Utilize Small Spaces

“Waste not, want not,” is the age old saying whose lesson is that if you are thrifty and not wasteful then you will never be lacking for anything. This saying is true not only for tangibles though, it is also true for intangibles. For example, it is easy to see how throwing out good food {Read More…}

Store Your Overflow to Reduce Clutter

At some point, almost all of us are guilty of owning too many material possessions. Let’s face it: we live in a consumer society and everything we see (television, magazines, the internet) tells us to buy, buy, buy! So it should come as no surprise that most people have more “stuff” than they know what to do with. You probably have several items throughout your home that you don’t really need or use frequently, such as old books (you know you’ll want to read them again one day), seasonal clothing and sports gear (winter coats, skis, surfboards, etc.), and hand-me-down furniture (that you keep in the garage because you can’t bear to get rid of the bed you had as a child or the dining table that was passed down by your great-grandmother). And all of these extra items, which might be useful down the line, are only littering your current space. But how can you keep them for your eventual needs (and increased square footage) while keeping your house clean and free of clutter?