Wedding Flowers Fact File Infographic

If you are planning a wedding soon then take a look at this infographic created by Silk Blooms on every aspect of wedding flowers from which types are in season at certain times of the year to how much you are likely to pay for them. Weddings are a busy and stressful time so knowing {Read More…}

The Top Magical Reasons to Get Married Near Belfast

There are some places that are perfect for weddings the whole year round, and Belfast is one of them. Northern Ireland is truly a place of beauty, and the area around Belfast brings you the best of both worlds; where the countryside meets the city. This means that there are many beautiful venues, all the {Read More…}

The Etiquette Behind a Wedding Thank You Note

In this fast-paced world, sometimes we forget the simple messages that mean the very most.  While many people rely on texts and emails as a quick and simple “thank you” these days, the art of writing a true thank you note is still very much alive and appreciated. A formal, handwritten, thank you note exudes {Read More…}

How To Choose the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Our wedding day is arguably the biggest day of our life, and whilst it may take months or even years to plan, for most of us it will only last around 12 hours so it is all the more important to get the choice of photographer right. While the groom may be more interested in {Read More…}

Tips & DIY’s To Make Your Wedding More Affordable

It’s no secret that weddings are expensive.  In fact, the cost of having a wedding in the United States is approximately $20,000 after everything is bought and paid for.  This extensive price tag has many American couples looking for cheaper alternatives when it comes to purchasing wedding items.  From the cake to the wedding ring, {Read More…}

The Five Most Expensive Weddings In History

The average American wedding costs a modest $28,427, which a lot of people struggle to afford. This does include everything, from the catering company to the wedding photographer, but many would agree that this is still something that must be saved up for years. But compared to the glitzy life of A-list celebrities and middle-Eastern {Read More…}